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Performance Management

3 days

Setting and Measuring Objectives


Setting and Measuring objectives is a cornerstone of a Performance Management System and must be understood in that context. What personal skills do managers, supervisors and team leaders need to be effective in performance management and more particularly in setting goals and measuring objectives?

  • Attendance will therefore be of benefit both to HR professionals and to line managers.
  • Performance appraisal is probably the single most important management tool. Considerable skill is required to ensure the effect is positive.
  • The course will demonstrate the role of HR and the role of the front line manager within performance management. The course will also cover the skills involved including appraisal itself, coaching and providing feedback.


  • To explain Performance management ‰ÛÒ definitions, aim and developments
  • Learn how to use tangible and intangible measures of performance
  • Learn how to set business based objectives ‰ÛÒ including SMART targets and measures
  • Understand the performance management cycle and how to manage it
  • Complete the performance management cycle including end of year reviews, using competencies and the various rewards programs

Training Methodology

  • Based primarily around lectures, the seminar will include a number of case studies and exercises which will be undertaken in team format
  • Discussion groups on certain topics to provide practical application of concepts to the attendees‰Ûª own organization
  • Networking amongst attendees to discuss mutual business issues

Organizational Impact

Implementing the principles promoted on this course will have the following impact on an organization

  • Managerial performance will be improved
  • The engagement of employees with the organization will be improved
  • The talent pool will be upgraded
  • Behavior will be aligned with an organization‰Ûªs cultural values

Personal Impact

Individuals attending this course will return to their organizations equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to implement effective performance management. This will include knowledge of how to address common problems with performance management and how to make a performance appraisal a positive and motivating influence.

Competencies Emphasized

  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Self Development
  • Developing others

Who should attend?

The seminar will be of value to line managers; team leaders and supervisors who are or will be responsible for the use and application of performance management and appraisal techniques. It will also be of value to HR professionals, training officers, personnel staff and others who carry the responsibility for the design and implementation of such arrangements.

Seminar Outline

Day One

Performance Management: The Big picture

  • Definition
  • Functions of performance management
  • Factors influencing performance management
  • Management theories and movements
  • What is performance
  • The contribution of job analysis
  • Selecting a job analysis method
  • JTR analysis
  • Relationship of JTR analysis with HRM functions
  • 18 Common JTR methods

Work Design and Redesign

  • The purpose of work design
  • Various approaches to work design
  • Advantages & disadvantages of work design approaches
  • Main steps
  • Benefits of different methods
  • Influences on Performance Management
  • The performance management cycle

Day Two

Various Perspectives on Goal Setting

  • The Goals Grid: A tool for clarifying goals & objectives
  • Writing good work objectives
  • Goal setting and goal achievement
  • Setting goals
  • Objective setting and performance management
  • Goals & change: an exercise
  • Setting objectives


  • Management by objectives
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Other methods

Day Three

Measuring and Rewarding Results

  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Diminished performance
  • Rewards compensation methods and practices

Bringing Out the Best in People

  • 12 principles to apply

Doing Appraisals

  • Going through the steps

Giving Feedback

  • Types of feedback
  • The 5 step approach
  • The sandwich method
  • Errors of judgment
  • Perception and reaction

Other Tools

  • Body language
  • NLP
  • Emotional intelligence
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