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Success Stories

“Working with Patrick White has been most enjoyable and his effortless approach is clearly supported by years of considerable real-world experience. This has proven invaluable to (our company) developing and transforming itself to not only remain competitive but grow as well.”
B.M., Managing Director

“The coaching enabled me to learn a lot about myself, in the work place and my personal well-being. I was able to put things into perspective and realise what is important to me and not dwelling on what I might be doing wrong, feeling guilt, anger and uncertainty. My colleagues recognised that every time I came back from a session a new confidence had developed and a calmer disposition. I am much more proactive instead of reactive. I’ve got my priorities right. I have also appreciated the practical tools that I can use on a daily basis. For me, it was a very positive experience that came at exactly the right time.”
B.H., Operations Manager

“It has taught me that there are more subtle ways to achieve what we need as a business and I need as an individual than a full frontal assault, all guns blazing. I think I am a better manager and I am definitely a better leader and comments colleagues and friends have made confirm this.”
S.D., Managing Director

“Hannah is a talented listener who coaches the answers from within your self. She helped me to get clarity on the person who I wish to be – both personally and professionally. She has a strong business background and gave me sound advice regarding some very important life changing negotiations that I was involved in at the time.”
P.A., Sales Director

Typical comments from clients

“The coaching sessions are my ‘me time’. If I didn’t have the sessions booked, I wouldn’t spend any time on myself”

“It’s great to be able to bounce ideas around with someone who sees things differently and asks me awkward questions to make sure I haven’t forgotten something.”

“My coach challenges me in a way that my staff never would.”

“I don’t feel so isolated knowing I can talk to my coach about the problems we’re having in the business”

“I love the tips on handling people, especially body language – I tried some of the techniques out with colleagues and straight away it made a difference to how we communicate.”

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