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Corporate Strategy

2 days

Course Objectives

  • To define the context in which a particular organization operates
  • To show how to analyze the organization within its environment
  • To apply appropriate strategic models in strategic analysis
  • To explain the resource, human and risk factors involved in strategic decision making
  • To develop suitable organization strategies to address these issues
  • To assess the implications of internal structural issues on the implementation of strategy in the organization
  • To assess methods of evaluating strategic performance
  • To identify key emerging strategic issues

Who should attend?

  • All managers whose task it is to create and/or implement strategy
  • Employees that are likely to take up managerial positions in the not too distant future

What they will learn

Attendees will learn:

  • the major issues involved in the development of a strategic plan
  • how to use tools to create and assess the corporate strategy
  • what are the current models developed by researchers for implementation of strategy and change management?
  • the application of strategic tools and techniques
  • an insight into what organizational structures and cultures are necessary to meet future needs

Course competencies

  • A comprehensive understanding of English is essential in order to achieve a positive interaction with the instructor and among the attendees.
  • Attendees must be fairly numerate in order to be able to undertake the calculations associated with the case studies.
  • Attendees should be uninhibited and be sufficiently confident to ask questions and participate in debate.

Course outline

  • Based primarily on lectures, the course will include a number of case studies which will be undertaken in team format.åÊ These will be designed to ensure that attendees have understood the content of the lectures.
  • A certain amount of back up readings will be provided to cover topics that cannot be covered in depth during the four days.

Course Content

Day One


  • Introduction of concept
  • Definition of strategy
  • The difference between strategy and tactics
  • Evolution of strategic management
  • Development of strategic thought
  • Business vision
  • Strategic business units
  • Strategic planning
  • Concept of strategy
  • Strategy analysis

External analysis

  • Strategic uncertainties
  • Defining the mission
  • Customer analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Dimensions of environmental analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Scenario analysis

Internal Analysis

  • The source of competitive advantage
  • Characteristics that underpin sources of competitive advantage
  • Resource based view of the firm
  • Implications for strategy development

Day Two

Evaluating Alternative Strategies and selecting the Most Appropriate One(s)

  • SWOT analysis
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Market attractiveness-business position matrix
  • BCG Growth-Share matrix
  • Other portfolio analysis methods
  • Product and industry life cycle
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Strategic vision and thrusts
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Low cost strategies/Focus strategies
  • The preemptive move
  • Growth and vertical integration strategies
  • Diversification/ Global/ entry strategies
  • Strategies in declining/hostile markets
  • Types of strategic options
  • Prioritizing strategic options

Implementing and evaluating strategies

  • Internal strategic factors
  • Six basic parts of the structure of an organization
  • Six basic coordinating mechanisms
  • Design parameters
  • Organization configurations
  • Paradigm shifts in organization structure thinking
  • Short term objectives
  • Developing functional strategies
  • Policy development
  • Continuous improvement strategies
  • Performance improvement planning
  • Measuring performance
  • Balance scorecard
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